Help newcomers heal

Arriving in Canada is a significant moment for newcomers from PNG and Nauru, but it is just the beginning of a long process of healing and adjustment. And after 9 years of prolonged trauma and medical neglect, almost all of these newcomers have significant health and dental issues that need to be addressed.

While Canada has an excellent universal healthcare system, there are things that aren’t covered. Prescription drugs provided by a family doctor are not covered, and neither are dental services such as root canals, crowns or implants. While there is some coverage for mental health services, approved providers have long waiting lists – usually a year or more – and the number of covered visits is limited.

Our “Health and Healing Fund” will help any arriving newcomer from Australian detention with medical, mental or dental health needs not covered by Canadian federal or provincial healthcare. One hundred percent of your donation will go toward required medical, mental health and dental expenses, and all donations made in Canada will receive a charitable tax receipt.

Help us ensure that newcomers are allowed to fully heal as they begin their new lives in Canada.