Scrabble tiles spelling out "Privacy" set on a wood table.

The Importance of Privacy and Confidentiality

Ads Up Canada adheres to the Canadian Council on Refugees’ Code of Ethics, which has particular concern for newcomers’ right to privacy and self-determination. In particular, we are committed to the following:

  • The names of newcomers or their family members will never be released publicly without their express written or verbal informed consent.
  • Any personal information that could lead to the identification of a newcomer or their family, whether in Canada or in their country of origin, such as number of family members, hometown, etc., will not be released publicly without their express written or verbal informed consent.
  • Informed consent includes informing the newcomer that their picture or information may appear in news media, on the internet or other social media, and could appear in their country of origin.
  • We recognize that there is a power imbalance in the sponsorship process and that sponsored refugees may not feel comfortable to say “no” when asked to provide informed consent to our request. We will take particular care to make sure that information is being voluntarily provided.
  • While we recognize that donors and supporters are eager to find out news of our newcomers, we understand that not everyone feels comfortable to share their story or how they are doing. We will never coerce newcomers to speak with the media or at public speaking engagements.
  • We will make sure documents containing personal information are kept safe and private and are either handed over to those being sponsored or destroyed at the end of the sponsorship.
  • We will respect the confidentiality of every newcomer’s story, and, unless given explicit permission by the newcomer, will never share details with others about why they left their country of origin and their experiences while in detention.

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