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What is the Role of Settlement Teams (Sponsors)?

Our partner Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH), as well as Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), require that Ads Up Canada demonstrates our ability to support each refugee who arrives in Canada through private sponsorship. We do this through the creation of “settlement teams” who will welcome and support the refugee. We prefer to use the term “settlement team” as opposed to “sponsor” (the term used by the IRCC) because we believe that “sponsor” suggests a power relationship or privilege over the person being “sponsored”.

All members of the settlement team are required to sign a document called a “Sponsorship Undertaking (IMM 5373)”, which is submitted along with the refugee’s application and commits to the following (all language below taken from the form):

  • Reception – Meet the refugee(s) upon arrival in the expected community of settlement;
  • Lodging – Provide suitable shelter, basic furniture and other household essentials;
  • Care – Food, clothing, local transportation and other basic necessities of life; and
  • Settlement Assistance and Support – Assist the refugee(s) to learn an official language, seek employment, encourage and assist them to adjust to life in Canada, as outlined in the Settlement Plan.
Members of an Edmonton, AB settlement team

Ads Up Canada submits a detailed “Settlement Plan”, written in coordination with each settlement team, which outlines the responsibilities of each team member and exactly how they will support the refugee during the first year.

Before the refugee arrives, settlement teams also play an important role in providing friendship and emotional support. Getting to know each other before arrival is one of the most important – and rewarding – aspects of being part of this journey.

Sponsoring Refugees: What to Expect
Sponsoring Refugees: What to Expect

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