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I’m a Refugee. Can I apply for sponsorship through Operation #NotForgotten (ONF)?

Operation #NotForgotten (ONF) is a private (not government) sponsorship effort for those who sought asylum in Australia and were forcibly detained on either Manus or Nauru since 2013. It includes those who were detained on Manus or Nauru and then transferred to Australia. Although we understand that refugees in Indonesia have also been impacted by Australia’s asylum seeker policies and that refugees in many countries are in horrific situations, we are only able to help those who were detained on Manus and Nauru.

To be privately sponsored to Canada, you must meet the definition of Convention Refugee Abroad Class or Country of Asylum Class (Humanitarian-Protected Persons Abroad), have no other durable solution and pass medical, security and criminality checks. Only Manus and Nauru refugees who have been formally refused from the USA resettlement process are eligible to register their interest in ONF.

How do I register?

If you are eligible to register for Operation #NotForgotten, please do so here (do not register again if you have already done so). When you register for the project it means that your name will be added to the database of people considered for private refugee sponsorship under the Operation #NotForgotten project. It does not mean that your application to come to Canada has been accepted by the Government of Canada.

Submission of Applications

MOSAIC, our partner Sponsorship Agreement Holder, is allowed to submit a limited number of refugee applications each year to Canadian immigration. This means that all registrations must be prioritized and applications are not submitted according to who registered first. We are also limited by the amount of funds that we are able to raise. Current priority is given to those still detained offshore on PNG or Nauru and those detained onshore in Australia. If MOSAIC decides to proceed with your application you will be contacted and a volunteer will work with you to complete the application and collect any documentation that is needed. MOSAIC pre-screens all applications before submitting to make sure that they are eligible for private sponsorship. They will not submit applications where there are questions about eligibility or admissibility.

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