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How can I improve my English?

The more that you can communicate in English, the easier it will be in Canada. When newcomers arrive in Canada they are eligible for free English classes provided by the federal government. These classes are called LINC (Language Instructions for Newcomers to Canada). Your settlement team will work with you to take an English language placement test shortly after you arrive and will help you enrol in classes based on the results of that test. There is an online English self-assessment that can be done while you are waiting to come to Canada. The results of the online test are for your information only and are not recorded by the Canadian government.

While you are waiting to come to Canada there are also other opportunities to improve your English. Here are some excellent (and free!) online resources for improving your English skills:

  • Mauril –  This is a free downloadable app from the CBC (Canada’s national news broadcaster) designed to help users learn English and French using content from CBC/Radio-Canada. It is designed to help learners improve oral comprehension and integrate language knowledge in everyday life.
  • Open University English language learning resources for refugees – Free online courses for learning English, including spoken and written and English for particular business settings.
  • LEO (Learn English Online) – free lessons for beginners to advanced run by a British non-profit.
  • ESL Videos – Free quizzes, lessons and online conversation classes for English language learners.
  • Activities for ESL Students – Quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles to help learn English as a Second Language (ESL), contributed by ESL teachers.
  • Labonte’s Conversation Patterns – A 40 hour YouTube tutorial for beginners learning English conversation skills (also available as podcasts). 

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