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Where can I find help when I arrive in Canada?

Newcomers to Canada are assisted in the process of settling into their new home by a large number of individuals and organizations, including your settlement team/sponsors, new friends, Canadians who may be from the same ethnic or religious background, or family. In addition to these, the Canadian government also funds organisations, called “Service Provider Organizations (SPOs)” or “Settlement Services”, which help newcomers adjust to life in Canada. Some newcomers may engage with Settlement Services for just a brief time and some may engage for a longer time, but these organisations are very valuable for helping newcomers learn about things like your initial settlement in Canada, language instruction, employment and educational opportunities as well as supports such as counselling and health programs. This site is a good place to begin to see what types of settlement services are available and where they are located.

The province that you live in will also have a guide to settlement services that are close to you, as well as information specific to your area. Click on the province below to see a settlement guide for that area.

Your First Two Weeks in Canada
Your First Two Weeks in Canada

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